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Our providers specialize in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and chiropractic care.


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STARS Physical Therapy

The only CARF Accredited Clinics in Idaho


Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS) offers accredited and expert physical therapy services throughout the Boise, Meridian and Treasure Valley areas, along with eastern Oregon. We're here to get you back on your feet!


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Start from Correct Pelvic Floor Exercises Many pelvic floor conditions ( for both men and women) can be managed and treated without surgery. Seeing a physical therapist (PT) who is trained as a pelvic floor therapist may help you better understand your symptoms and design a personalized program to help alleviate your symptoms. A pelvic…

Exercising in the Cold

Exercising in the cold weather By Elizabeth C. Gardner, MD With the CDC encouraging us to exercise outside in order to limit the potential spread of COVID-19, many people in northern climates are finding themselves sweating outside in the cold of winter. For those who would typically spend their winter months in the gym, it…

Condensed Sports Seasons

Cautions to youth sports leagues and school sports in Spring, 2021 Many youth sports leagues and school sports are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by moving fall sports until Spring, 2021 and condensing all of the sports seasons. Here are some points to consider in order to avoid problems or injuries: It is unlikely the…