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Snowboarder's Fracture

What to Know About Ankle Injuries in Snowboarding By Alexander Golant, MD Despite being a relatively young sport, snowboarding has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years with an estimated 8.2 million people participating. Most common snowboarding injuries include those to the upper extremities, specifically to the wrist and hand. In terms of lower extremity…

Fibula Fracture

Fibula is a slender and long bone located on the outside of the lower leg, from outside and underneath the knee and extends down to form the outside of the ankle joint. Next to the fibula bone is the tibia, which is thicker. It forms the base of the knee called the tibial plateau and…

YMCA Christmas Run!

34th Annual Christmas Run Presented by SAINT ALPHONSUS Create a new tradition for personal fitness with your family with the annual St. Alphonsus Christmas Run! There will be bells, holiday costumes, carolers and even Santa! Join us for the Christmas Run Presented by Saint Alphonsus. The race starts and finishes in Downtown Boise at Boise High…