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Anterior ankle impingement syndrome

Anterior ankle impingement is a condition in which pain is experienced in the front of the ankle during ankle motion, squat, sprint, stair climb or hill climb. In people with ankle sprains, 20-40% have chronic ankle pain and of these patients one third has anterior ankle impingement pain. It is frequently seen in soccer, football,…

Cuboid Syndrome

Cuboid syndrome is a condition where the bone on the outer side of the foot is displaced due to either overuse or a sprain ankle. It is a common injury in athletes and ballet dancers. It represents 4% in all foot injuries and presents in 7% of patients who have sprained their ankles. It is…

Persistent knee pain in athletic populations- A Physical Therapist Perspective

Among all the disorders of the knee, patella femoral pain is the most common in athletes. It is also called runner’s knee, chondromalacia, and anterior knee pain. What that mean is the cartilage on the undersurface of the knee cap is wearing out. A short lesson in anatomy is required to understand this condition. The…