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Mike Owens, PT

From the age of seven, participating in athletic activities was always a large part of my life while growing up. From that young age, I never missed a single season playing football, baseball, and basketball all the way through high school. When I entered college in 1979, it just seemed fitting that I pursue a…

Onward Shay - Kids Race!

ONWARD SHAY – KIDS RACE – SIGN UP TODAY! Sign your kids (2-12) up for Onward Shay’s 1 mile Run. RODS Jr is one of the charities tied to the race. RODS is offering a $500 prize for an IncludeAbility party for the school that brings the most kids of ALL abilities!    Sign your…


The superior labral tear was first described in throwing athletes by Dr. James Andrews in 1985. In 1990, Dr. Stephen Snyder coined the term “SLAP” lesion (Superior Labrum, Anterior and Posterior) and the diagnosis and treatment of SLAP lesions from there has grown exponentially. Most people involved with sports, including coaches, players, and players’ families, have at least heard of the term or are very…