Anterior ankle impingement is a condition that causes a reduced range of motion in the front of the ankle as a result of repeated impact, bone spurs, scar tissue build up, and inflammation. If you are noticing a dull or pinching pain that occurs when pointing your toes up or down, kicking a ball, walking, or if there is chronic pain after an ankle sprain, you may be experiencing anterior ankle impingement. Visiting a STARS physical therapist can help to mitigate any pain or discomfort you may have, helping your ankle to regain its natural range of motion.

Our physical therapists will work one-on-one with the patient to create an individualized treatment plan. STARS’ customized treatment plans often include strength and flexibility exercises that work in conjunction with one another to ensure a safe and effective return to your ankle’s usual range of motion.

During treatment, one of our therapists will work with the patient to ensure that the muscles supporting the lower leg, ankle and foot are regaining strength in order to help stabilize the ankle and minimize pain. The therapist will utilize hands-on manual therapy throughout this process for the best results.

Once strengthening exercises have begun, our STARS therapists will focus on flexibility of the ankle. Flexibility of the injured area is extremely important because it allows for better range of motion after the muscle has become stronger. Increasing flexibility will also work to reduce muscle soreness after each appointment. As the healing process progresses and the ankle gains increased flexibility, our therapists will continue to incorporate new stretches and strength exercises to ensure that your ankle makes a full recovery.

In order to treat anterior ankle impingement, increasing range of motion is key. Working with one of our trained, STARS therapist will ensure that you receive the most efficient and successful recovery for your ankle.

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