Winter sports are a great way to stay active during colder months, as long as you participate with common sense and caution. Do not take on more than your skill level will safely allow, and wear protective equipment to ensure you can enjoy your sport for the full winter season!

It is important to remember that in the winter, the cold weather causes muscle contraction which will cause your blood vessels to contract as well. This is why your extremities get cold before the rest of your body! Make sure that you take the cold weather into consideration when you are preparing for winter sports and you will avoid injuries that come with unsafe winter weather practices

Working with a Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS) physical therapist can help you avoid a winter injury. They will begin by evaluating your trunk and lower extremity strength, endurance, balance and flexibility to diagnose and identify any muscle imbalances that could predispose you to injury. The Goal is to prevent injury but if you do sustain an injury we will certainly be able to help with recovery and getting you back to doing the things you love!