If you have been prescribed blood thinners due to a recent heart attack, stroke, or other heart related issue you may have a few questions. Blood thinners keep blood clots from forming and help increase the flow of blood through arteries and veins. Due to this, an unexpected fall or injury could cause serious internal bleeding. With that being said, the benefits of blood thinners outweigh the negative but certain precautions need to be maintained. If your doctor has prescribed you Physical Therapy due to a recent surgery this will involve some form of exercise. If you are on blood thinners your doctor may have advised you to avoid strenuous exercises or vigorous sports. However, there are safe exercises you can do during Physical Therapy to speed your recovery but in a cautious manner. Your Physical Therapist will lead you through exercises that are uniquely designed for your situation. It is important to be an active NOT passive participant in your rehabilitation goals. This will help you achieve optimal performance and regain strength and range of motion.

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