Prostate Cancer

  Question: I just found out I have prostate cancer and I am going to have surgery. My doctor wants me to see a physical therapist first. How is that going to help me?Answer: physical therapist trained in pelvic floor rehabilitation can instruct you in pelvic floor muscle exercises. Doing these exercises before you have surgery can decrease the…

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Q:My husband had a severe stroke. How can I help him be more independent at home? A: First, identify a meaningful activity for him and then determine which parts of the activity he can participate in with the most success and independence. Encouraging him to do as much as possible for himself, while being safe,…

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Q: I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was a teenager. What can I do to help maintain a healthy spine and reduce the risk of increasing the curvature in my spine? A: In physical therapy, we educate the patient on how the back functions and what positions can either increase or decrease thestress on…

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Bursa in your shoulder

Q: I was painting my bedroom over the weekend and I woke up the next day with pain in my shoulder when I would try to raise it. What have I done to it? It was not hurting while I was painting. A: Without evaluating the shoulder it is hard to tell you for sure….

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Shoulder impingement

Q: Can physical therapy improve my shoulder impingement? A: Shoulder impingement syndrome is caused by 3 variables: Bony deformation (bone spurs) A weak rotator cuff musculature Scapular muscle imbalance. Your 4 rotator cuff muscles help keep the ball of your humerus centered in the socket of your shoulder blade. If they become weak, the ball…

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Help for Parkinson’s Disease

Q: My husband has Parkinson’s disease, and he is starting to mumble. Other family members and friends are noticing this too, but when we ask him to speak up, he says we’re all hard of hearing. When he does speak up so we can hear him, he says he feels like he’s shouting. Help! A:…

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Wearing high heels bad?

Q: Is wearing high heels bad for me? A: Research has demonstrated that high heels create excessive and unnatural forces on the feet, knees, hips and back. Patients often report pain in the feet, knees and other areas of the body when wearing high heels. If you must wear them, choose lower heels (less than…

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