Physical Therapy in Sports Injuries

Injuries tend to occur in sporting activities. High level athletes in particular, are prone to injuries due to the excessive wear and tear associated with the demands of competitive sports. The right exercise program to maintain strength, flexibility and stability can help athletes recover quickly after an injury, empowering them to resume athletic activities. Sports…

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Don’t Ignore Your Pain Symptoms – It Could be a Stress Fracture

Pain is the body’s way of trying to tell us something. It’s a protective sign. Bone and the coverings on the outside of bone have lots of nerve endings capable of signaling problems. Like other tissues in our bodies, bone is constantly undergoing a re-model. It responds to physical stress by reinforcing its’ underlying structure allowing…

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Keep Kicking to Prevent Hip Soccer Injuries

Soccer is a physical sport that places significant demand on the athlete’s hips and lower extremities. Studies have shown that hip and groin injuries are one of the most common injuries in soccer. Many of these are non-contact injuries and often occur with cutting, pivoting and sudden changes in direction. Despite their frequency, the vast…

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Paddle Your Way Across the Lake Safely

The popularity of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), which originated in Hawaii, is growing at an impressive rate. Participation has increased from 1.1 million in 2010 to 2.8 million in 2014 in just the United States.1 A cross between paddle-based sports and surfing, SUP has joined the ranks as a fun and family-friendly sport for anyone…

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Balance and Training for Ankle Sprains

The ankle is the most common site of sprains in the human body. An ankle sprain can happen to anybody at a time when you least expect it. Normally, it occurs after a sudden unnatural twisting of the foot which can tear the ligaments of the ankle. An ankle injury affects every aspect of your…

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Everything You (Didn’t) Know About Headaches

The common response to a headache is “Let me pop a painkiller and hope the pain goes away”. While this isn’t necessarily a bad idea, it’s not a long-term solution for headaches, particularly the ones that that have a musculoskeletal origin. Most patients are unaware that physical therapy can play an important role in the…

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Why See A Pelvic Floor Therapist?

Many pelvic floor conditions (for both men and women) can be managed and treated without surgery. Seeing a physical therapist who is trained as a pelvic floor therapist may help you better understand your symptoms and design a personalized program to help alleviate your symptoms. A pelvic floor therapist may assess strength and flexibility, create…

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March Is Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month! According to the Brain Injury Association of America, each year an estimated 2.5 million children and adults in the United States sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and another 795,000 individuals sustain an acquired brain injury (ABI) from non-traumatic causes. TBIs can affect the functionality of the brain–affecting thinking,…

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The Importance of Physical Therapy on Women’s Health: All You Need To Know

Ever since the #1 New York Times bestseller entitled “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” by John Gray was published, more and more people have asked the question “What makes men and women so different?”. Gray’s use of analogies and metaphors to highlight key differences between genders has made the book a modern classic….

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Free Incontinence Seminar

Do you find yourself running to the bathroom or closing your legs as you sneeze? Trust us, you are not alone. Saint Alphonsus physicians and STARS Physical Therapist, Julie Dunn are specialists that can offer solutions for incontinence and pelvic floor weakness. Our goal is to help facilitate return of normal bladder control and teach…

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