National Headache Awareness Week

The first week of June is National Headache Awareness Week and while headaches may not necessarily be an expected topic at a rehabilitation office, STARS’ Physical Therapists offer numerous strategies to combatting the nuisance that headaches are. Different things such as sitting at a desk all day with your shoulders hunched, or standing on your…

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Returning to Sports After ACL Injury—Not Just Physical

ACL injury and subsequent surgical reconstruction is one of the most studied sports injuries in the modern literature. Strength, stability, and return to sports participation at the pre-injury level are all measures of the success of ACL reconstruction. There has been lots of research on objective measures of function after ACL reconstruction, however in the past decade there has also been an increasing…

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Good Nutrition May Keep You Warm in the Cold Too | Winter 2016

With the changing of the seasons and the accompanying drop in the temperature outside, many athletes flock to the ski slopes, the ice rink, and the mountainside seeking outdoor adventure and fitness. Exercising in cold weather presents several unique nutritional challenges. Taking a few simple precautions can help maximize performance and keep athletes healthy and allow them to safely achieve their fitness goals…Read More

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Finding the Right Cleat for the Job | Fall 2015

Cleats are a class of athletic shoes with protrusions, or studs, on the sole of the shoe. Cleats are typically used in sports played on grass or turf surfaces, such as football, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse. The number of different brands and models of commercially available cleats can at times be overwhelming, leading the athlete…

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High Intensity Interval Training: Is It Right for You? | Summer 2015

Over the past decade, high intensity interval training (HIIT) has grown exponentially in popularity and participation. Franchise gyms are now available across the country offering an alternative to traditional work out programs. It has developed now into a competitive sport with lucrative sponsorships and prize money, including events such as extreme obstacle course races and athletic…

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Injuries in Softball Pitchers: Fact Versus Fiction | Spring 2015

Softball has become an increasingly popular sport for young athletes. With the advent of Title IX, the popularity of televised collegiate softball games, and the inclusion of softball in the Olympics, the interest in the sport has exploded. Unlike in baseball, many softball teams utilize only one or two pitchers during the season. There is…

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ACL Injury 101| Winter 2015

Sports participation results in 70 percent of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears and the majority of these occur in 15 to 45 year olds. Approximately 70 percent of ACL injuries are noncontact injuries that occur during a sudden change in direction with a planted foot (i.e., cutting) or stopping rapidly. In the United States there are between 100,000 to 250,000 ACL ruptures annually. (Read more)

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Pre-Season Conditioning Helps Prevent Hamstring Injuries | Summer PT In Motion

Hamstring injuries are some of the most common injuries in football, baseball, track and field, rugby, and soccer. In fact, an acute hamstring strain is believed to be the most common injury in adult male  soccer players, makes up between 12 percent and 16 percent of all injuries. Acute hamstring strains usually require a 2-…

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How Do I Get My Kid Started in Sports? | Spring PT In Motion

How Do I Get My Kid Started in Sports? By Michael J. Smith, MD Sports can be a fun way to introduce your child into a lifelong healthy lifestyle. Children need physical activity for growth and development, and sports participation helps with this goal. Playing sports can promote socialization and teamwork. This is important in…

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