April is National Occupational Therapy Month and Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services is here to help you celebrate. One of the best ways to recognize and celebrate occupational therapists is to come in and visit one of our highly trained and specialized therapists! Whether you need arthritis management, cancer rehabilitation, hand therapy or another type of care, STARS occupational therapists are here to help. Once an appointment has been made, one of our many occupational therapists will perform an evaluation to understand the issue at hand. The therapist will then focus on all aspects of the issue, including physical, cognitive, pshycho-social, and sensory aspects, in order to ensure the best possible patient experience.

While our occupational therapists can help you with a variety of issues, many of our occupational therapists specialize in hand therapy. Hand therapy is not limited to the hand, it also includes therapy of the wrist, elbow, arm, and shoulder. Once an evaluation of the injured area has occurred, our occupational therapists may incorporate a variety of treatments such as manual therapy, exercises, Astym Therapy, Graston Therapy, modalities, at home exercises and custom splinting. Custom splinting has been very successful when it comes to the hand and arm’s ability to heal by minimizing restrictive scar tissue, reducing pain, all the while, maintaining your hand and arm’s function. Our occupational therapists are eager to work with you to remedy any hand or upper extremity issue you may be experiencing.

The overall goal of our occupational therapists is to help you improve your day-to-day skills and abilities. For example, STARS’ therapists can help children with disabilities reach their full potential in school, through physical activity as well as cognitive skill activities. Our therapists work one on one, as well as in groups, with the children to ensure that they are giving each child the opportunity to experience the physical, cognitive, pshycho-social and sensory aspects of occupational therapy. The focused and specialized attention that the young patients receive is the same type of care and attention the adult patients receive.

No matter what your ailment may be, a trip to one of our many Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Service’s centers will help set you on the path to healing.

To schedule an appointment, call (208) 367-7827.