April is National Youth Sports Safety Month, and to celebrate Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services is recognizing all the therapists and sports medicine specialists that play a role in helping the youth stay safe! Not only do our therapists and sports medicine specialists assist young athletes after they have been injured, but they also work with them to prevent injury. STARS offers a variety of programs and classes to ensure athletes are prepared for whatever may come their way. Among the classes and programs provided are sports injury management and rehabilitation, post-injury and surgical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and individualized strength, conditioning, and agility programs.  

Not only do STARS therapists and sports medicine specialists help patients in the office, but they also work to provide safety and care outside of the office at local tournaments and high school athletic events. A few of the specialties provided include prepping student-athletes for practice or competition and assessing and treating the athlete for an injury. If the student-athlete sustains a more severe injury, the STARS therapist or sports medicine specialist will coordinate care with a sports medicine provider to ensure the best outcome for the patient.

Youth sports are fast paced and exciting. The participants are working hard to put their best foot forward, and, most often, they succeed. However, occasionally these student-athletes require help. STARS therapists and sports medicine specialists are at the ready, prepared to keep the athletes safe whether the focus is on prevention or rehabilitation!

To schedule an appointment or to find a STARS sports medicine specialist to assist youth athletes during a local sporting event, please contact us at (208) 367-7827.