Lindsey M. Partridge-Gremmo, PT, DPT

Lindsey Partridge-Gremmo, Physical Therapist

Question: My child was diagnosed with a concussion. What should I do?

Answer: If you are concerned that your child may have suffered a
concussion, seek medical care immediately. Once diagnosed
with a concussion by a medical provider, your child should rest
until symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, headaches, etc. have passed. This rest means no video games, no TV, no running or heavy activity, or anything else his/her physician recommends. The brain needs to heal, and can be re-injured by subsequent concussions much easier if not allowed adequate resting and healing time. After these symptoms resolve, your child can significantly benefit from specialized physical therapy to assist with return to sports, running, jumping, and all regular activity under the care of a concussion specialist at STARS. Please call Lindsey at STARS at 367-8593.

Lindsey M. Partridge-
Gremmo, PT, DPT