The Concussion Program at STARS specializes in helping people recover from the physical and cognitive symptoms related to mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or concussion.  Our primary goal is to help you successfully resume daily activities in your home, community, work and school environments including social, recreation, and sports activities. Our specialized concussion team includes a wide variety of professionals who have specialized training and work experience in evaluating and treating people with concussions.  Our integrated program unites these professionals to provide comprehensive concussion rehabilitation services. Concussion Team Member Roles After sustaining a concussion, it is not unusual to be scheduled with one or more of our Concussion Team members.  You will be scheduled with therapy providers based on the symptoms you report.  Below is a description of the main roles for each of our Concussion Team members:

Concussion Team MemberSymptoms
                           Physical TherapistHeadaches / Neck pain / Orthopedic issues
          Vestibular Physical TherapistDizziness / Balance issues
                    Occupational TherapistCognition / Return to work / Vision issues
                           Speech TherapistCognition / Return to school / Symptom management
                           NeuropsychologistMental health issues / Neuropsychological testing / Counseling
                                 Social WorkerCommunity resources and referral information  / Financial assistance
MD/Primary Care Provider (*Not on site at STARS)Medical management including pain and sleep /  Medications / Additional referrals

The Concussion Program Provides:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation & Treatment of Physical, Cognitive and Psychological Issues Related to Concussion
  • Patient Education & Counseling
  • Interdisciplinary Therapy Model
  • Guided Return to School and/or Return to Work Plans

Contact Us Interested in more information about the STARS Concussion Program? You can reach STARS directly at our “Brain Injury” contact line at 208-367-8962 or fill out this form by clicking here. You can also learn more below: