Connie has been a Physical Therapist for 33 years and is also is one of the original therapists at STARS, dating back to May 1996 (23 years)! Connie has loved being a part of STARS because of the focus on Excellence of service to all patients.

Connie’s Certifications and Continuing Education:

-Vestibular and Balance Rehab Certification and Advanced Certification

-Lymphedema Therapy Certification

-ASTYM Certification with focus on my patients with scar tissue and radiated fibrosis for cancer treatment

-Neuro Developmental Treatment (NDT) and Advanced NDT Certification for adults with neurological conditions

Connie’s Philosophy:

“I love serving and partnering with patients to enhance their quality of life and daily function.  I believe it is essential to thoroughly assess the root of my patients’ problems and symptoms in order to develop an individualized plan, with my patients’ input, to progress towards life goals and enhanced function.  Being a strong advocate for my patients and their needs is always my goal and desire!”.


Connie’s Bio