No matter what activity you participate in, your “core muscles” or core, are the center of all muscle activity. Your core is much like the middle link to a thick, sturdy chain. The upper part of the chain is your upper body; the bottom part of the chain is your lower body and the two are connected at the center.

A stronger core will not only give you a stronger foundation for your upper and lower body, it will also enhance your stability and balance.

Your Core Supports Everything You Do

Woman watering a garden as a display of strong core muscles.
Core muscles allow you to do everything you love, from your job to watering your garden.

Everything you do, whether you know it or not, uses your body’s core. Let’s take a look…

Recreational activities and sports – Every single sport (football, baseball, tennis, golf and even skiing), depends on your body’s core for strength and stability.

Everyday movements – Simple movements like getting in/out of bed or emptying the dishwasher require the use of your core muscles.

Work/job tasks – Any job you perform relies on the core muscles for stability. While some jobs some jobs don’t require a strong core, many do, especially ones that involve repetitive lifting.  

Balance and stability – Since your core is truly the “center” of your body and supports your body’s upper and lower extremities and spine, it is used in every single functional task you perform.

A healthy back – Back pain can be excruciating and tends to limit many of your activities. 4 out of 5 people may experience back pain at some point in life. Strengthening the core muscles is the “secret ingredient” to keeping your back healthy.

Gardening and housework – Daily tasks like vacuuming, mopping a floor and making a bed all utilize the strength of your core.  

Posture – Having a weak core can lead to poor posture, which in turn contributes to back pain. 

Core muscles play a vital role in keeping you strong and injury-free.

The Benefits of Strong Core Muscles

The benefits of a strong core include:

  • Improved balance and stability for daily activities and recreational activities – core exercises train the muscles of your abdomen, hips, pelvis and lower back.
  • Increase ease of performance with daily activities – a stronger core can make many things easier and pain free. Examples include swinging a golf club, reaching for a plate from your kitchen cabinet and picking up a child.
  • Increased confidence – the stronger you are, the more you can do and the more confident you feel.
  • Pain relief and strength – Relieve lower back pain and prevent future back pain.

Physical Therapy to Build a Stronger Core

It is not as hard to build core strength and stabilization as you may think. You don’t need any specialized equipment to target the core muscles. All you need is a good physical therapist.

Your physical therapist will be able to create an exercise routine specifically for you. They will also be able to monitor your progress. Our staff is highly trained in identifying muscle imbalances and weaknesses. Our staff use this information to create an individualized program based on your preferences, needs and goals.

Find out how STARS Physical Therapy can help build your core muscles by contacting us today for an appointment.