PTD0216_CycleMost of us are aware that regular exercise is essential for good health. Engaging in regular, moderate activity makes you 20% to 30% less likely to die prematurely and 50% less likely to develop serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease. The last of these―also known as heart disease―is a major contributor to premature death in our country.

The best way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine is to find something that does not require gym memberships, fancy equipment or specific weather conditions―something that becomes part of your normal day. Cycling fits these parameters, and more.

Riding a bike a few miles a few times a week can improve aerobic fitness, cholesterol levels and resting heart rate. It will strengthen heart muscles, while reducing obesity and stress. Better still, studies show that people who take up cycling tend to make it a lifetime habit. It’s something you can do outdoors or indoors (thanks to stationary bikes), and it is a great exercise option for people with certain injuries or restrictions.

It’s important to start slowly and focus on moderate exercise rather than trying to be a weekend warrior―and we can help. We can assess and design a program that suits your individual fitness needs, keeps you engaged and appropriately challenged, and ensures that you gain all the cardiovascular benefits of cycling without risking any adverse effects.

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