My first experience with occupational therapy was when I was a senior in high school my best friend and myself would go to an elementary school  and help children with disabilities have specialized PE classes designed by a school therapist.  It really intrigued me, as I always loved science and health classes. Being the people person that I am, I knew I couldn’t do a  desk job  or sit in a lab.  When I was a senior in High School, I interviewed for a special program at a local Nebraska state college that allowed me to complete 2 years of pre-requisite in pre OT (Occupational Therapy) and saved a spot for me at Creighton university in Omaha Ne, in their OT program.  After graduating from college, I was out into the real world looking for a job in the Portland area. It was there that I met my beautiful wife and had our first and only son. Later an old college roommate got me a Job interview in Boise.  I spent a year  here at a local skilled rehab facility, before heading to Fairbanks Alaska for a hospital job that allowed me to begin my specialty of hand therapy where I worked for 2 years before returning to Boise and truly procured my Hand therapy certification.  A board certification that required 5 years of working in the field,  over 2 years of hours logged working in hand / upper extremity rehab and sitting for a board exam.

After finishing my certification I worked in a couple clinics in Caldwell and Nampa, prior to joining STARS for the last 12 years.  Through my work I have been  able to study several different treatment types which include custom splinting and Graston technique for soft tissue treatment. I have found my job is the most interesting because every patient that steps into the clinic is different and effected differently by their issues.  So  no one specific treatment solves everyone’s problems which makes my job interesting and requires problem solving with the patient input.  Making people feel better physically and emotionally truly makes what I do special and something I love to do on a daily basis. I thank STARS and my patients for the opportunity I get to do this for a living.