My childhood was active! I got to work on a ranch, compete in high school gymnastics and compete in spring board diving in college. All this, however, took a toll on my back. I was seriously injured and in debilitating pain.

I decided to become a physical therapist. Doctors said, “you will never be able to work as a Physical Therapist if you don’t get your back situation under control.”  Like many other patients who try physical therapy, it changed my life from chronic pain to actually being able to resume many activities including hunting, downhill skiing and riding horses again. I was so changed that I decided to focus on treating patients with back issues in physical therapy.

I graduated in physical therapy from California State at Long Beach in 1984 and was later certified in the McKenzie Method for spine care. This method is also called the MDT approach and is a premier method  for diagnosing and treating spinal injuries. This is the therapy that saved my life, so I brought the MDT method here to STARS, where I have worked for over 16 years.

I treat patients with back issues, similar to mine, every day. They come to WORKSTAR in hopes of finding non-surgical solutions to debilitating, work-related injuries.  Although some endure dozens of physical therapy sessions and have to work very hard, guess what! Most get better without surgery. Amazing, I know.

As a Christian, I thank God for allowing me to help people. That’s why I spend my career here at STARS. I believe I have become a tool for God and help people in need, just like I was helped.

I hope one of those people I helped was you.

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