Tara Johnson, DPT

Tara Johnson, Physical Therapist

Question: In the past couple of days, I get really dizzy when rolling in bed or bending over too fast. It only lasts thirty seconds or so, but is severe. What is going on and what should I do?

Answer: You may be experiencing what is called BPPV or benign
paroxysmal positional vertigo. There are hair cells in the ear
that are embedded into a crystal mass. The hair cells tell our brain
where we are in space. With BPPV, a crystal breaks loose and floats
freely in one of three canals in the vestibular system of the ear. This
confuses the hair cells causing them to send wrong signals to the
brain, making you very dizzy. BPPV can be treated by a physical
therapist via positional maneuvers to clear the crystal in as little as
one visit. For additional information, please contact Tara at STARS
at 463-5570.