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PTD1214_KneeDeciding to have your knee replaced can lead to many logical concerns regarding safety, rehabilitation and whether the increase in quality of life makes the procedure worth the trouble. Not everyone will regain full range of motion after total knee replacement. Depending upon the specific nature of your injury and knee replacement, however, a full range of motion after a long course of therapy may be possible.

Much of the outcome of your knee replacement depends on you. The more effort you put into your therapy, the better the results. Shortly after surgery, we will help you start knee flexion exercises. We will teach you how to exercise without reopening your surgical incision and without risking damage to your new knee. As your treatment progresses, we will consistently assess your capacity to take on new activities. We will work hard assisting you to get the knee straight as well as bending.

For your part, you need to be prepared to work hard, be disciplined and be patient. If you have any doubts about taking on any new activities or exercise, ask questions before attempting them. This level of caution may sound extreme, but it is your best chance to maximize the flexion range of your knee.

Above all, it is important to keep in mind that, even with a full recovery of flexion range, a total knee replacement will not be able to withstand the same kinds of pressures as a fully healthy knee. We will help you understand these limitations. You do not want to engage in any strenuous physical activities that can risk dislodging or damaging your knees, such as high impacts as seen with landing from jumps. If you feel anything strange or uncomfortable about your replacement knee weeks, months, even years after your treatment is over, call us.

Consult us before and immediately after you undergo total knee replacement surgery. Along with your surgeon, we can answer any questions you may have about subsequent knee mobility. We will design an exercise program tailored to your individual needs that motivates you and instructs you on the correct way to exercise. That ensures you get the best possible results from your new knee.

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