Barbara Keele, MPT. GCS
Question: Recently I have noticed that when I roll over in bed I get a spinning sensation. My physician told me it might be positional
vertigo and referred me to Physical Therapy. How is Physical Therapy going to help this?

Answer: A common inner ear problem is BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal
Positional Vertigo) and can be successfully treated by a Vestibular
Trained Physical Therapist. This problem occurs when particles
of calcium that exist in one part of the inner ear are dislodged into one of three semi-circular canals. Symptoms are usually noticed with big head movements. A Physical Therapist can evaluate you for this problem and do a treatment called a particle re-positioning maneuver. You may also be instructed to do in-home exercises if the symptoms return. For additional information, call Barb at STARS at 367-8989.