Connie Simpson, PT, CLT

Connie Simpson Physical Therapist

Question: I was told that I have had an inner ear infection and that it should heal on its own. However, I am still struggling with
increased symptoms when I use my computer at work and when I am in busy crowds such as grocery stores. I think my vision is off so I went to the eye doctor recently and was told my vision
has not declined. Is there anything I can do to help my symptoms?

Answer: STARS Vestibular and Balance services can help people adapt and compensate for vestibular/inner ear weakness. One of the key symptoms after labyrinthitis or vestibular neuronitis is blurring of vision and difficulties tolerating busy environments due to the connection between the inner ear and eyes. Vestibular Rehab can help improve symptoms to return to normal function in the home, work, and community. For more information, please
contact Connie at 367-8989.