JoJo Brunelle: December 2018 Physical Therapist of the Month!

JoJo practices at the Joint Preservation and Reconstruction Center, where she has a unique role, working in clinic with Darin Jurgensmeier, MD and Derek Kunz, MD, as a member of their patient care team. She provides assessments in conjunction with the physicians for patient with complex hip pain and other conditions which would benefit from her expertise and input. She also provides pre-op, post-op, and home program instruction for patients in this setting. Along with those responsibilities, she enjoys collaborating and communicating with STARS physical therapists who are treating these patients in a formal capacity out in the other clinics. She values this team approach and feels her role, in this setting, is continuing to expand and evolve over time.  

JoJo is a graduate from Pacific University where she received a bachelor degree with a certificate in physical therapy. She has a transitional doctorate from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions with an educational focus on evidence based practice in orthopedics and sports medicine. With over thirty years of clinical experience in a variety of settings, orthopedics and sports medicine has been her primary clinical focus. JoJo has served in clinical leadership roles, as a mentor, clinical instructor and continuing education faculty member speaking on post-operative and non-operative management of hip, knee and shoulder joint pathology. She has worked closely with orthopedic surgeons and sport medicine physicians to develop evidence based rehab protocols for post-operative and non-operative orthopedic conditions. She has also served as an American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons workgroup member for developing treatment guidelines for juvenile osteochondritis dissecans. She has a special interest, and extensive experience in the assessment and management of complex hip joint pathology.  Her educational emphasis in the past few years has included evidence based training in the conservative and post-operative treatment management of patients with femoral acetabular impingement of the hip joint, and other associated diagnosis. This includes studies in of differential diagnosis and treatment of movement impairments of the hip, pelvis and lumber region, diagnosis and treatment of muscle imbalances and associated pain syndromes, and hip and core functional training and strengthening. She also has an extensive background in manual therapy, and utilizes these skills along with functional exercises and educational interventions in the assessment and treatment of patients in her clinic setting. She enjoys working with clients of all ages with a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. She draws from her eclectic background, years of experience, and clinical education to provide quality individualized care for her clients.

 JoJo has spent several years serving in the community by providing sport medicine coverage for high school athletic activities, teaching high school level sport medicine classes and coaching basketball and lacrosse at the youth and high school level.  Boise has been her home for many years. She enjoys spending time with her husband, her two adult children, and a new grandbaby.  She takes advantage of the active lifestyle Boise’s climate allows, biking, hiking and cross country skiing. You can also find her in her sewing studio designing and creating apparel, home décor and quilts.

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