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ENT, Hearing and Balance Clinic

Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS) ENT, Hearing, and Balance Clinic

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Hours: Mon – Fri, 8 AM to 5 PM closed for lunch 12 – 1 PM

Address: 6094 W. Emerald St., Boise, Idaho (map)

ENT, Hearing and Balance Clinic

The ENT Hearing and Balance Clinic includes 3 highly skilled team members, two Physical Therapists, as well as one Speech Language Pathologist (Speech Therapist). The vestibular therapy program at the Saint Alphonsus ENT Hearing and Balance Clinic was created to help eliminate or reduce the symptoms caused by vestibular(inner ear) disorders, such as dizziness, spinning, lightheadedness, trouble focusing or reading and loss of balance. All of our physical therapists are specially trained and certified in the field of balance and vestibular rehabilitation. Our Speech Therapist, through various therapies, can improve the patients voice, swallowing, and upper airway disorders. Between the three therapists, they share more than 60 years of experience in their respective fields, this experience allows them to treat patients effectively and efficiently. All therapy treatment is coordinated with the ENT and Audiologist providers, to ensure the finest continuum of care for the patient.

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    Vestibular Therapy May Include:
    • Special maneuvers to help you reduce or end symptoms of dizziness.
    • Techniques to help you prevent dizziness or imbalance while performing daily activities.
    • Home exercises to improve function and independence.
    • SMART Balance Master Training & TestingOur therapists use this method to objectively measure
      balance performance, as well as retrain the sensory and muscle motor components of balance.

    Speech Therapy May Include:

    • Electrical stimulation to enhance swallowing exercises.
    • Specific Swallowing treatment (i.e. exercises to improve muscle movement)
    • Positions or strategies to help the individual swallow more effectively

    All of our professionals are fully trained and experienced to provide you with the best health care related to your ear, nose and throat. We want you to trust that you are getting the highest quality care each time you come to see us. We combine our expertise and professionalism with a personal, responsive and caring attitude to make you as comfortable as possible with as we are treating you.


    Medical Providers

    Don J. Beasley, MD, FACS
    Jason Anstrand, PA-C
    Amanda Schwartz, PA-C
    Melanie Vanderpol, AuD


    "Suzanne Neidermyer provided excellent therapeutic direction during my speech therapy sessions.

    "Barb Keele is the best. She went the extra mile every visit."

    Keele, Barb
    Myers, Jane
    Neidermyer, Suzanne