ADDRESS: 6165 W. Emerald Street., Boise, ID 83704
HOURS: Mon – Fri, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

PHONE: (208) 367-3315

Recognizing the aftermath of orthopedic surgery, our dedicated physical therapy team plays a pivotal role in the healing journey. Our specialized physical therapists work with Saint Alphonsus orthopedic surgeons to develop tailored rehabilitation plans prioritizing functionality and long-term well-being.

Your path to recovery involves a collaborative approach, starting with an accurate diagnosis and extending to a detailed evaluation of your injury’s impact on physical function. Our physical therapy team is committed to guiding patients through evidence-based rehabilitation protocols, facilitating recovery milestones, and restoring optimal mobility. At STARS Physical Therapy, we understand that rehabilitation is crucial to healing. Our focus on physical therapy ensures that individuals recover from orthopedic injuries and regain the strength and mobility necessary to resume active and fulfilling lifestyles.

Specialized Rehabilitation for Joint Issues in Boise

STARS Physical Therapy is a collaboration between Saint Alphonsus and the STARS Physical Therapy network. We specialize in outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation to help support people who have faced trauma, injuries, and age-related physical problems. We’re unique in the Treasure Valley, ensuring patients get the same level of care, whether in the hospital or outpatient.