LOCATION: 717 N. Liberty St.Boise, Idaho 83704
HOURS: Mon -Thurs 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM,  Fri 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

PHONE: (208) 367-8989
FAX: (208) 367-8944

STARS Physical Therapy Boise Clinic on Liberty Street offers various physical therapy and specialized services for athletes, employees, and women’s health.

Woman learning to walk with help of a physical therapist.

The Liberty Clinic is home to the STARS Physical Therapy program called WORKSTAR. This physical therapy program specifically helps people injured on the job. WORKSTARS get employees back on the job by allowing them to regain mobility after injury.

Through the IMPACT concussion program, Liberty offers concussion management programs and pool therapies to athletes and others, reducing the time it takes for athletes to return to their sport.

The clinic also is home to specialized programs for women. Physical therapy programs at the Liberty Clinic help women recover faster from pregnancy and pelvic floor issues related to childbirth and age. The Liberty Clinic also includes a variety of programs for many needs, including arthritis management, balance training, concussion management, incontinence (men and women), pool therapy, cancer rehabilitation, and other specialized physical therapy services.

Physical Therapy Services at Our Liberty Clinic

A partial list of the services we offer at the STARS Liberty Clinic include:

Quality Physical Therapy for Boise and Beyond

STARS Physical Therapy Liberty clinic is dedicated to quality physical therapy care in Boise and throughout the Treasure Valley. Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO) has awarded all STARS facilities the highest rating for clinic quality and patient support. STARS is the only accredited provider of single-disciplinary outpatient services in Idaho. Patients of our Liberty Street (physical therapy Boise) programs get their lives back with services designed around their specific problems. You can get your life back, too!

This clinic is part of the STARS Physical Therapy network in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon.
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STARS is affiliated with Saint Alphonsus Hospital

PT Providers at Our Boise Liberty Clinic


"Connie at STARS Physical Therapy Boise has been amazing to work with. I immediately starting working with Connie after my double mastectomy to relieve cording in my arm and to work on my range of motion. Within just a few sessions my cording was gone and my range of motion was back to almost 100%. Connie is very knowledgeable in her field, extremely professional and a delight to work with. She makes you feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend STARS Physical Therapy Boise for any of your physical therapy needs."

~Tina Smith

Five star review just isn’t enough for STARS!! They have an incredible group of therapists & their front staff are always so helpful & friendly anytime to talk to them!

-Stephanie W.

Here is my thoughts on STARS to the best of my abilities.

I sustained a near-death mountain biking accident which put me in St. Alphonsus Hospital for five weeks. Afterwards, I reported to St. Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS) for six months of therapy after I got out of the hospital. I had speech, occupational, and physical therapy as well as numerous visits with a licensed TBI counselor. My physical stamina, my balance, and my memory were not good. I was afraid of so many things--especially the people I had not met before (staff at STARS). My world as I knew it after the accident would never be the same again but that would be okay. When I first met the people at STARS, I did not know what to expect nor did I feel comfortable around any of them. I was afraid. They took me in right away and tried to reassure me that everything was going to be okay and that they were there to help me. Within the first week, I was feeling more and more comfortable around all the staff. They all ended up being an integral part of my life and it was the group at STARS that made me a better person and physically and mentally stronger today. Wonderful employees like Elizabeth Subasic helped me with my memory skills; Dr. Laura Burlingame-Lee helped me with any emotional issues I had; Elizabeth Armstrong helped me tremendously with my physical therapy. Everyone here saved my life. I cannot thank the staff at STARS enough for what they did for me.

Thank you,

~ Tom Hui