LOCATION: 1075 N. Curtis Rd. Suite 300, Boise, Idaho 83706 
HOURS: Mon – Fri 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

PHONE: (208) 302-9850
FAX: (208) 302-9855

The STARS Ankle and Foot Clinic provides comprehensive care for people with orthopedic conditions and ankle and foot injuries. Our specialized physical therapy supports people experiencing arthritis, tendon injuries, or misalignments affecting their lower limbs. These issues often stem from sports injuries or trauma, emphasizing the need for specialized care and orthopedic surgeries. Saint Alphonsus Coughlin Clinic often offers specialized care for those issues. We aim to offer patients the most advanced and effective physical therapy to restore them to normal.

There’s no need to suffer from ankle and foot problems. Our STARS clinic restores mobility to lower limb issues and reduces pain with non-surgical techniques. We can help you! Contact us any time to schedule an initial session and start feeling better.

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