May is Better Hearing and Speech Month and STARS recognizes hearing and speech related issues by offering numerous services that help patients with communication, cognition and swallowing disorders. Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services provides speech therapies for patients that suffer from traumatic brain injuries, post-concussion syndrome, strokes, neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s, or cancer to the head and neck. Individuals who experience stuttering or poor voice quality due to a medical or neurological issue, or those who are going through dementia or early memory loss are also encouraged to visit one of STARS speech therapists.  

 We offer a variety of specialized services regarding speech language pathology in adults, including ones that are focused on speaking, breathing and swallowing. Concussions can affect an individual’s ability to speak. Here at STARS, we have an Interdisciplinary Concussion Program in which therapists work one-on-one with the patient aiding them in their return to school and work. To reduce any further effects of a speaking disorder or complication, we also offer Interactive Metronome (IM), a tool for assessing and treating neurological conditions that affect cognitive and motor functions

In order to treat swallowing disorders, our therapists may look to Vitalstim Therapy. Vitalstim therapy is an electric stimulation modality and treatment tool used by STARS therapists. When it comes to breathing while speaking and vocal intensity, our therapists will incorporate Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LVST) into your treatment plan. LVST treats weak speech muscles and is “known as the gold standard for individuals with Parkinson’s disease.”    

 No matter the reason for a patient’s struggle with speaking, breathing, or swallowing, Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services has a specialized service to integrate into your plan of care. If you are experiencing vocal difficulty, make an appointment with a STARS therapist at one of our many locations and discover what we can do for you!

 To schedule an appointment or to find a STARS, please contact us at (208) 367-7827