The first week of June is National Headache Awareness Week and while headaches may not necessarily be an expected topic at a rehabilitation office, STARS’ Physical Therapists offer numerous strategies to combatting the nuisance that headaches are.

Different things such as sitting at a desk all day with your shoulders hunched, or standing on your feet for hours on end can lead to compressed blood vessels and nerves which can cause headaches. People with tense jaw and neck muscles are also prone to headaches. This can be an effect of a clenched  jaw or teeth grinding during the night. So, rather than taking medication to curb the pain, STARS works to relieve you from experiencing headaches in the long run. Focusing on the muscles in your head and neck, Physical Therapists can adjust soft tissue as well as the mechanics and ability of the area to move properly.

STARS Physical Therapists will start with an evaluation to find the area in the body that may be tight or compressed and is causing the headaches. Once the evaluation has taken place, the PT, along with the patient, will create a plan to decrease the amount of headaches the patient experiences. Most often, the Physical Therapist will utilize hands on, manual therapy such as massage and exercise as the primary treatments. The PT may send exercises home to ensure that the body is given ample time to readjust and heal.

Throughout all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many people are prone to experiencing headaches. While the drugstore may be a go to place for pain relief, consider STARS as an alternative to longer lasting relief!