Neurological, Cognitive and
Musculoskeletal Deficits from COVID-19

Suffering from COVID long haulers symptoms?

Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS) is committed to helping patients recover from the lingering symptoms of COVID-19, or COVID long haulers syndrome. Symptoms may include memory deficits trouble concentrating because of “brain fog”, significant mood changes, loss of taste or smell, decreased strength and endurance, and loss of sensation or neuropathies.

These are serious issues that can greatly impact a person’s quality of life. Until recently, much wasn’t known about COVID long haulers syndrome. However, research is showing that long-haulers syndrome is a serious issue that affects between 2% and 20% of people who get COVID. An excellent resource from Harvard University on what is currently known about COVID long-haulers syndrome can be found here.

If you or someone you know are experiencing symptoms that could be related to COVID long-haulers syndrome or if you see that a COVID patience just isn’t getting better, please consider a referral to STARS.

STARS Physical Therapy has many programs that are specifically aligned for people suffering from long haul COVID.

Therapies for COVID Long Hauler from STARS

Cognitive Therapy

  • Improving memory
  • Improving attention and concentration
  • Addressing word-finding deficits
  • Providing education for people who feel confused or disoriented

Physical Therapy

  • Restoring function to the muscles
  • Improving balance and addressing neuropathy/sensation concerns
  • Reducing the likelihood of mental health conditions that may occur as a result of limited mobility
  • Enabling people to return to their normal lives

Psychological Services

  • Providing comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation to delineated cognitive deficits.
  • Providing psychological services to people who are adjusting to life changes or experiencing mood or behavioral issues.

For more information about services that STARS Physical Therapy can offer to support people suffering from the after effects of COVID, please contact the following clinic or click the “Contact Us” button.

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