October is National Physical Therapy Month, and Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services is here to celebrate! STARS offers services to help you return to normal life, ranging from cancer rehabilitation to arthritis and increased mobility and motion. Whatever your ailment, we have got you covered!

To highlight a few services, when it comes to cancer rehabilitation, STARS physical therapists work to improve the patient’s ability to be comfortable and active. This could mean you will work with a physical therapist to reduce fatigue, to strengthen muscles, or to increase endurance. No matter the type of cancer, our therapists can create an expert evaluation and customized rehabilitation plans.

Physical Therapy Means No or Less Drugs

Patients suffering from arthritis may be recommended surgery or drugs; however, STARS physical therapists can offer a variety of noninvasive exercises and hands-on manual therapy to help combat pain and discomfort! They may help teach you how to use a cane or walker or how to stand and sit with healthy posture, as well as using hot and cold therapy to ease pain.

On top of that, our physical therapists can offer at-home changes that can greatly impact your healing process. To name a few: wearing splints to support joints, using shoe inserts to improve posture and balance, and placing a chef’s mat in your kitchen while you cook. Whether you are suffering from regular arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, or Knee Osteoarthritis, come into one of our many STARS locations to work with a physical therapist!

White bearded old man suffering at home.
Physical therapy means there is no need to suffer. Help is available now.

Don’t Suffer with Pain. Call STARS Today!

Making an appointment with a STARS therapist can improve your life! While many STARS therapists specialize in specific issues, they are all ready to help improve your life now. Your day-to-day living through manual therapy, a variety of heat and ice, Astym, and Graston, among other techniques, can change your life for the better. Our trained physical therapists evaluate their patients and follow up through appointments and at-home exercises designed to fit your needs!

Whether you are recovering from cancer, enduring arthritis, or are simply unhappy with your body’s ability to move, contact Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS) before considering another trip to the pharmacy or an invasive surgery.