The ankle is the most common site of sprains in the human body. An ankle sprain can occur when you least expect it. It is most likely to occur after a sudden, unnatural twisting of the foot which results in a ligament tear. An injury like this affects every aspect of your daily life, including walking and driving.

The symptoms of an ankle sprain may vary depending on the severity. Tenderness, bruising, swelling and stiffness are the most common. And walking can be very painful.

Athletes tend to suffer from ankle sprains, owing to the sudden, explosive and rotational nature of most sports. This requires a prolonged course of physical therapy and strengthening before the athlete can return to competitive sports.

Unfortunately, once an ankle has been sprained, it is at a much higher risk for re-injury.

Soccer players, basketball players, tennis stars, marathon runners, and other athletes can get caught up in the cycle of injury and recurring sprains. The good news is that physical therapy can play a preventive role. With the right program of balance and strengthening exercises, the risk of injury can be minimized.

Treatment of Chronic Ankle Sprains

Strength and balance exercises are the best way to recover from injury and reduce pain associated with it.

Strength training utilizing the muscles that turn your foot in (the invertor muscles) and turn your foot out (the evertor muscles) may lower the incidence of ankle sprains.

Balance intervention training involves an assortment of strength training exercises. A physical therapist will design a simple, effective home exercise program to improve stability in the foot and ankle region.

Depending on your needs, your physical therapist may recommend balance training using a ‘balance board’, which is an excellent way to stabilize and strengthen the muscles in the foot.

We can Help

If you spend several hours a day on your feet, you may be at risk for an ankle injury. Excess body weight and improper body mechanics can also play a role in ankle sprain, and you want to do everything possible to minimize the incidence of injury.

That’s exactly where your physical therapist can help. If you want to strengthen your ankle and minimize the possibility of an ankle injury, you will need an evaluation from your physical therapist followed by a simple balance training program. Depending on your age, gender, body weight and fitness level, your physical therapist will design an effective ankle stabilization protocol for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll not only treat your ankle sprain, but we’ll also teach you exercise programs to minimize your risk of injuries. We look forward to helping you and we are committed to your injury prevention and wellness goals