Finding Natural Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain can be caused when there is a direct impact on the knee (as commonly seen in sports injuries). When this happens, the knee joint can twist or stretch beyond its normal capacity, causing ligament tears, muscle tears, or cartilage injuries. Inflammation of the protective cushioning in the knee joint (meniscus) or fluid-filled sacs inside the knee joint (bursitis) can also occur due to excessive wear and tear in the knee.

Knee injuries may be associated with joint swelling. This makes simple activities like bending the knee or putting weight on the leg difficult and painful. There are very common solutions to get back to normal, though.

Knee pain can be caused because of overuse or injury
Knee pain can be caused because of overuse or injury.

Physical Therapy Can Help with Knee Pain

The knee is a very complicated structure that can experience wear easily.

Physical therapy can help reduce pain, regain function, and restore strength in the knee. If you suffer from knee pain, you may benefit from attending two to three physical therapy sessions a week over several weeks, depending on the severity of the injury.

Physical therapists are trained healthcare professionals who can design an effective injury prevention program and a comprehensive rehabilitation program for the knee. Physical therapists aim to restore mobility to your knee as quickly as possible.

Safe and Effective Knee Pain Treatment

Physical therapy will help you recover from your pain and get you back to normal mobility. One of the treatment objectives is strategic strengthening of the muscles around the knee to make the joint more stable while protecting sensitive tissues during the healing process.

Physical therapists will consider a variety of exercises and treatments. They may use heat to warm the area and ice to cool down muscles and reduce swelling. They may also use dry needling or even ultrasound to find further damage and sources of pain.

Ultrasound therapy uses high-frequency sound waves to stimulate deep tissues in the body, facilitate healing, and improve blood flow to the tissues.

How Long Will It Take for My Knee to Get Better?

Your physical therapist will tell you how often you need therapy. It depends. Some need to go several times a week for six weeks or longer. The amount depends on how much your knee hurts and how you respond to the therapy.

Your therapist will stay in touch with your doctor and discuss your progress. The three of you can decide when you are ready to scale back on sessions.

Message From Your Physical Therapist

We’ll Stand Beside You

Physical therapists recognize biomechanical problems in the body. They can design a program to help you move and use muscles more efficiently. They can also identify areas of weakness and poor mobility around the knee joint and design an exercise program to restore muscle balance between the quadriceps (muscles that extend the knee) and hamstrings (muscles that flex the knee).

It’s important to discuss prior injuries. This will help your physical therapist to plan your treatment and your intensity of exercises.

There’s no reason to live with knee pain. The physical therapists at STARS Physical Therapy are here to help you get back on your feet, regain mobility, and help you return to your daily activities. Call us today. We’ll stand by you and help you recover quickly. 

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