This September, Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services is recognizing Prostate Health and Cancer Awareness Month. About one in every nine men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and in order to support those recently diagnosed and those going through treatment, STARS therapists offer a variety of care plans to help each patient feel more like their usual self.

Before surgery, our therapists recommend coming in once or twice to help the patient prepare, and after the surgery has taken place, our therapists recommend between two and four more visits to ensure the area is healing and strong. In order to reduce pain and support a quicker recover after surgery, our physical therapists offer pelvic floor therapy. Pelvic floor therapy includes exercises to help strengthen the area as well as reducing any leakage that may be occurring

During the appointments, the patient can expect an array of exercises to improve strength and function, along with the use of modalities to help reduce any pain. If the patient is experiencing urinary incontinence (UI), the therapist may incorporate biofeedback therapy into the session. Biofeedback therapy helps the brain and muscles in the pelvic area work together to prevent UI.

Whether you have been recently diagnosed, or have been in treatment for a while, STARS therapists are trained and ready to help you in your return to health. To schedule an appointment, or if you have further questions, please call us at (208) 367 – 7827.