Dunn, Julie

Julie specializes in treating pelvic health diagnoses, pre- and postpartum mothers, and general orthopedics. She enjoys working with patients of all ages and activity levels. 
After receiving her doctorate in physical therapy from Idaho State University, Julie received additional training in orthopedic manual therapy and pelvic health from a variety of organizations. She is currently finishing two certifications, one in orthopedic manual therapy and one in obstetric physical therapy. 

Education: DPT from Idaho State University, BA in Spanish from Boise State University
Post-doctorate education: pelvic floor physical therapy; pregnancy and postpartum care; hands-on therapy including courses in orthopedic manual physical therapy for all body regions, fascial distortion model, and visceral fascia mobilization; miscellaneous courses on back/pelvic pain and women’s health 

My road to becoming a physical therapist was a bit of a winding one, but after investigating several areas in healthcare, I finally decided on PT because I like what PTs do and I love getting to help others improve their quality of life. I like the amount of time that we get to spend with clients, the changes we get to be part of, the expertise we have in the movement and rehabilitation world, and the mix of skills we can incorporate in our care. I respect and admire the body’s resilience and capacity to heal, and I enjoy helping others realize that potential.  

With regard to my orthopedic and pelvic health specialties: I decided on those partly because my mentors and my own personal experience inspired me. I got to see the difference that intelligent, hands-on care combined with the right exercise and education can make. I also learned how many people are affected by pelvic health concerns, such as incontinence, pelvic pain, or prolapse. When I learned how many people simply deal with these concerns and often experience social or emotional consequences without knowing that help is available, I decided to be part of the solution. Whether I am working with orthopedic or pelvic health cases, or a combination, I am honored to walk with others as they move from a place of pain, limitations, or uncertainty to a place of confidence and ability.  

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  • Education: Boise State University, Idaho State University