Raj Issuree

Raj received his undergraduate degree from Boise State University, and Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Mayo Clinic school of Health science.

Raj worked with outpatient orthopedics his whole career, from 1992 to present. He special interest is the whole spectrum of Physical Therapy, however, he has spent most of his career treating occupational medicine and chronic pain patients. His hobbies include reading, writing, traveling and spending time with friends and family. Raj treats patients at our STARS – Bown Crossing location.

“I became physical therapist because I took the test from the book called what is the color of my parachute to match my personality with my career. Caring for people was the primary match with my personality. Hence, I have never went to work since I became a physical therapist. I go to help people and feel that was my calling in life. It is what I give that to humanity that fulfils the purpose of my life. That confirms my calling when I read the book called the 5 languages of love. I found out that service is my language of love. Hence, service to humanity is why I became a physical therapist.”

  • Education: Boise State University, Mayo Clinic school of Health science