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PTD0814_WeightRaise Testosterone with Exercise

Low testosterone in men can cause a host of symptoms, from fatigue and depression to lowered libido and erectile dysfunction. In some cases, however, a man can test positive for low (or “low normal”) levels of testosterone in the blood (also known as “low T”) without experiencing any symptoms. In these cases, is it smart to begin testosterone supplementation as a preventative measure?

Experts say no. The problem with treating low T by taking testosterone is that it can lead to serious health problems in the future, including prostate cancer and heart disease. In addition, even when they take the medication, many men do not feel any relief from low T symptoms.

The good news is that there are natural ways to boost testosterone levels. Losing weight and exercising have been clinically proven to help men with low T, as well as improving their general health. We can design a program to help boost testosterone, keeping in mind the following:

  • Weight control is key. Being obese and being underweight are linked with low T. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to balance hormones, so your exercise program may focus on aerobic, calorie-burning activities.
  • Beware of “too much of a good thing.” Overdoing exercise, on the other hand, can have the reverse effect, actually causing lowered testosterone and elevated cortisol (a stress hormone) in men. In fact, many bodybuilders and elite athletes experience this issue due to the intensity of their workouts.
  • Certain exercises are better than others. Strength training has the greatest effect on testosterone, but endurance and resistance training will also cause a temporary spike in the hormone. Experts also recommend full-body workouts with heavier weights and shorter rest periods.

Remember: If you have extremely low levels of testosterone or your symptoms fail to improve, your physician may prescribe testosterone supplementation. Nevertheless, a good exercise program can allow your body to help the medication do its job. Ask us about designing a low T exercise program for you.

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