What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a technique used in conjunction with hands-on, manual physical therapy. Similar to acupuncture, dry needling consists of a needle that is inserted into a tight or sore area, often referred to as the trigger point. The insertion of the needle causes the area to twitch and then to relax. Since dry needling helps the body relax, it usually takes place before the hands-on portion of an appointment in order to loosen up the muscles.

Why Try Dry Needling?

Patients who have experienced an injury that causes their muscles to become tight or to spasm can benefit from dry needling since it can speed up the first part of an appointment. Since it loosens the tense muscles more quickly, physical therapists have more time to spend on other exercises that can help repair and strengthen the injured area.

What To Expect

During a patient’s visit, a licensed physical therapist will carefully insert the needle into the tense or sore area. During the process, patients may feel their muscles twitching once the needle has fully penetrated their skin. This is a normal and healthy response. The patient may also experience some pain, but it should not last long and it should never be extreme enough to cause the PT to remove the needle. Once the needle has been inserted, the muscle(s) will begin to relax. And once the needle has been removed, the PT will begin the hands on physical therapy portion of the appointment.

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