Canine Therapy | Dog Therapy for Children

The Meridian Pediatric Clinic has provided canine/dog therapy services for seven years. The service, provided by the Dustin’s Paw organization, has one amazing therapy dog. Prairie brings joy and smiles to patients at our clinic on Fifth Avenue in Meridian. Prairie encourages and stimulates physical activity and social interaction to the children who are challenged.

Dog therapy is a very unique service for special needs children. It provides challenged children with a unique way to gain social and mobility skills that would otherwise be difficult in a traditional setting. Children who go through dog therapy have shown greater independence, a stronger desire to learn and less fear about change.

Dog Therapy Provided by Dustin’s Paw

The program is managed by Diane Rampelberg. She has over 40 years of successfully teaching both children and adults who are challenged. Ms. Rampelberg is comfortable teaching individuals or groups.

Please visit to learn more about this special type of therapy and how it can help children with special needs.

Watch the Dogs in Action