Getting Fit for Surgery! 

Prehabilitation is “rehabilitation” before surgery.

It helps patients reduce recovery time after surgery. It can help optimize range of motion, strength, and function. Prehab patients are stronger when they undergo surgery and have a heads start during recovery.

It Starts with Education

Physical Therapy Prehabilitation

Patient education is a big part of prehabilitation.

STARS therapists teach patients how to maximize healing, rang of motion, strength and overall recovery. Patients understand their specific impairments and functional deficits. This allows them to begin work on those deficits before surgery.

There’s no need to wait for physical therapy. Prehab patients already know what they need to do to regain their health. They quickly begin the early-activation process of movement. This helps reduce swelling, initiate muscle contraction, increase range of motion and reduce pain.

Prehab is a Game Changer!

Prehabilitation patients have less fear of surgery. Therapists educate prehab patients on what to expect from surgery. Prehab patients are also physically stronger before surgery even begins. Preparation allows STARS’ prehabilitation patients to manage their own recovery. This creates less fear and, as a result, better patient outcomes.

Therapists teach patients in prehab that it is OK to move — to work on their range of motion and strength early in the healing process. As a result, most prehab patients are weeks ahead in their recovery by the time their post-surgical physical therapy begins.

For more information about STARS’ prehabilitation program, please call (208) 367-3315 or use the request an appointment feature on this site.