What is Speech Therapy?

Speech and language pathologists (SLP’s) work closely with infants, children and adults who have various levels of speech, language and communication problems, and with those who have swallowing, drinking or eating difficulties. The role can involve working with a diverse client group, including people with physical and learning disabilities and hearing loss/deafness. Speech Language Pathologists usually work as part of a multidisciplinary team, alongside other health professionals such as doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. They may also liaise with professionals in education and social services.

Our specialized speech therapy services include:

VitalStim® Therapy for the treatment of dysphagia. This treatment uses electrical stimulation to enhance swallowing exercises.
Jaw motion rehabilitation for the management of trismus (decreased jaw opening), which can occur with a head or neck injury or cancer. Interactive Metronome (IM) IM is an assessment and treatment tool used with patients with neurological conditions that affect cognitive and motor functioning. IM provides an objective method for measuring deficits and for tracking improvement. IM is used to improve attention, coordination, language processing, reading and math fluency and impulse control. Concussion Services Our interdisciplinary concussion program offers comprehensive concussion management. Speech therapists assist with symptom management, training compensatory strategies, providing patient education and assisting with return to work/school process. Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS) provides speech-language services for those with communication, cognitive, and swallowing disorders and difficulties, such as: