Physical therapy can help victims of a spinal cord injury either gain some or most of their mobility or help them adjust to the physical changes a spinal cord injury creates. A sever spinal cord injury is devastating.  Having a team of experts available that you can trust is vital to rebuild your life.

At Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services, you are in capable caring hands! The Spinal Cord Injury Team at STARS has a highly-skilled team of rehabilitation specialists with years of experience assisting people with spinal cord injury attain maximum independence. Our Team is committed to your well-being and will work with you to restore physical function and adapt to physical changes.

Our Goal

The primary goal of the Spinal Cord Injury Program is help you through this phase of your recovery — to help you become as independent as possible. We are eager to work side by side with you in developing and achieving your rehabilitation goals.

STARS’ Specialized Spinal Cord Injury Team Includes:

  • You
  • Occupational¬†Rehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech/Swallow Therapy
  • Physiatry/Rehabilitation Medicine Services
  • Neuropsychology

For more information about Spinal Cord Injury, please visit Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

Continuum of Care

STARS Physical Therapy partners with Saint Alphonsus to provide outpatient care when spinal cord injury patients are released from the hospital. Both STARS and Saint Alphonsus recognize that the results of an accident or injury can linger long after going home. STARS and Saint Alphonsus together provide a team of spinal cord injury professionals. Our professionals have specialized training to treat individuals with lingering needs.

Contact Saint Alphonsus directly for information on their in-patient spinal cord care program.