Sports Medicine rehabilitation helps athletes recover from injury and return to their activities as safely and quickly as possible. At Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS), our Sports Medicine clinical specialists, athletic trainers, and ImPACT™ credentialed consultants treat the full spectrum of sport-related injuries from head to toe, such as concussions, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, knee ligament and cartilage injuries, Achilles tendonitis, and spine injuries.

Saint Alphonsus Comprehensive Sports Medicine Services

Offered at most STARS locations

Saint Alphonsus Orthopedic Sports Medicine Providers have the knowledge, training, expertise and experience to diagnose various sports medicine conditions.

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What is an Athletic Trainer?

Idaho Sports Medicine for Athletic Trainers

Athletic Trainers are health care professionals who work under the direction of a physician who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries (acute and chronic), and sports related illnesses and act as first responders to an emergency under the direction of a physician.

At Saint Alphonsus Sports Medicine, we currently have arrangements with several high schools.

When providing medical coverage for high schools, clubs or events, the duties include:

  • Prepping the student-athletes for practice or competition
  • Assessing and treating them if they happen to sustain an injury
  • Helping to coordinate higher medical care with a physician
  • Making the decision if the student-athlete can safely return to activity

There are times when a student-athlete wants to return into a game after sustaining an injury and doesn’t understand why he/she is being kept out. Having an Athletic Trainer on the sidelines takes pressure off the coaches on making these tough decisions. Athletic Trainers educate and communicate with each student-athlete, coach and parent when an injury occurs to guide the athlete as quickly and safely as possible toward healing and return to play.

Outside of patient care, Athletic Trainers educate the public on different topics such as concussions, strength and conditioning, prevention and rehabilitation of various injuries, as well as seasonal weather-related activity issues.

Community Outreach for Sports Medicine in Southern Idaho

Our STARS sports medicine specialists work with numerous adult and youth organized sports teams throughout the Treasure Valley. Our athletic trainers and physical therapists work together with fellowship-trained orthopedic and emergency physicians to provide comprehensive medical coverage at community sporting events. Athletes can feel confident they will receive the best care possible from our Sports Medicine team and health care partners, which includes Saint Alphonsus Health System and Idaho Emergency Physicians.

Saint Alphonsus features the only level II trauma hospital in the state of Idaho, and Idaho Emergency Physicians includes a highly trained group of physicians and specialists from Primary Health, Family Residency of Idaho, and Saint Alphonsus Medical Group. In collaboration with STARS, this comprehensive team of medical professionals provides unparalleled Sports Medicine coverage for our Treasure Valley  and surrounding communities.

STARS Provides Sports Medicine for Idaho Schools and Organizations

If your organization is interested and in need of Sports Medicine Coverage provided by Saint Alphonsus, please call Caleb Anderson at 208.302-3500 or by email

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