Saint Alphonsus Sports Medicine now offers Sportsmetrics™, the first and largest ACL injury prevention program in the United States. It is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to decrease serious knee pain due to ligament injuries in athletes. 

Reduces Knee Injuries

A team at the Cincinnati SportsMedicine Research and Education Foundation (CSMREF) created Sportsmetrics™.  It protects athletes from knee pain by increasing overall leg strength and improving balance. Through a program of jumps and drills, athletes learn how to jump and land. They also increase overall leg strength, improve symmetry and improve vertical jump.

Why is Sportsmetrics™ beyond plyometric training? 

Sportsmetrics™ training safely helps athletes goes from technique development to performance enhancement.  Trainer interaction is key so student to trainer ratios are 6 to 1 or better. Each athlete receives a training plan and one-on-one attention.

What are people saying about Sportsmetrics™?

Sportsmetrics™ earned its creators, CSMREF, the “Excellence in Research” award from the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine. It has also been featured in The New York Times, Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati Magazine, ESPN Wide World of Sports and other publications.

What can Sportsmetrics™ do for me?

Get involved in a training program that addresses your needs.

Sportsmetrics™ benefits women as the first proven program to decrease knee injuries in female athletes.  The specialized training both increases muscle power and jump height and decreases the impact on the knee. Sportsmetrics™ focuses on the female athlete’s needs in training.

Sportsmetrics™ is not just for women! Male athletes benefit from overall leg strength and perfecting jumping and landing mechanics, too.

Overall, Sportsmetrics™  develops strong athletes with good technique to prevent injury and enhance performance.

STARS Physical Therapy SportsMetrics Team

STARS Sportsmetrics Team! L-R – Front Row (Andrew Hammerquist, ATC, Kristina Laface, PT, Allyson Lee Barton, ATC, Alicia Carlisle, ATC, JennaLee Ryan, ATC, Shanna Brewer, ATC, Katie Helm, ATC, Kathy Dufur, PT, Seneca Woods, PT, OT, Josh Wageman, PT, (Back Row – L-R) Robin Weerts, PT, Heather Clark PT, Steven Payson ATC, Dan Eichele PT, Dan Shaw PT, Shaun Murphy PT, Kent Bryner PT, Craig Jussel, PT, STARS Director, Kevin Bradt, PT, Caleb Andersen, ATC


“Another great course in the books and a beautiful trip to Boise! Thank you Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services and Sports Medicine and Dr. Jurgensmeier, one of our top former fellows from Cincinnati SportsMedicine, for inviting us out to certify your staff. We love to see the dedication and commitment to ACL injury prevention and look forward to working with you to get the program up and running!


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