WORKSTAR Occupational Rehabilitation

WorkSTAR Program

When musculoskeletal or soft tissue illness or injuries occur and objective findings are difficult to obtain, a KEY Functional Assessment may be ordered. The KEY has been designed to provide clinicians with an accurate measurement of an individual’s functioning level.

A KEY Functional Assessment is a scientifically developed process of evaluating injured people to determine their safe capabilities and tolerances in a work environment. KEY Functional Assessment results are also predictive of an injured individual’s ability to safely perform workplace activities during a 40-hour work week. Assessments can include, gross and fine motor movements, sitting tolerance, standing tolerance, walking tolerance, hand dexterity, repetitive movements, push/pull/lift/carry capacity, crawling, crouching, stooping, hand/body position tolerance, etc.

Assessments comply with ADA, EEOC, and Affirmative Action. Whole Body Assessments include VALIDITY TESTING to document if the worker is working at their maximum safe capabilities. Potential exists to track outcomes within your company.

Located at the Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS) Liberty site, the WORKSTAR Occupational Rehabilitation Program provides specialized services to help employees prevent or recover from work-related injuries and return to work. Our physical therapists are Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialists in the state of Idaho, as well as Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists.

Services available include:

Work Hardening Program: A customized program designed for individuals who require reconditioning prior to returning to work. This includes customized work simulation, functional strength training, and aerobic conditioning with stretching and dynamic stabilization. Our program includes weekly Interdisciplinary Staffings. Interdiciplinary Team:

  • Medical/Physiatrist (symptom & pain control, medications, imaging)
  • Physical Training (as listed above including an educational program)
  • Neuropsychology (sleep, depression, stress management, etc
  • Click to download our Work-Hardening Protocol

Work Conditioning: Structured occupational rehabilitation with an emphasis on job simulation activities to facilitate a successful return to work. An approach similar to Work Hardening is utilized, however, without the interdisciplinary team.

Functional Capacity Assessments (FCA)/KEY Medley System: A process of measuring, recording, and analyzing a person’s ability to safely perform a number of job related functions. The purpose of an FCA is to identify the clients’ safe capacities through the use of objective, reliable and valid data. The FCA can also be used to assist with case management including return to work, re-injury prevention, rehabilitation, disability and/or job placement.

Conditioning & Safety Training (CAST) Program: An adjunct program to Work Hardening Conditioning Program. The WorkSTAR team may refer clients to this program to work on conditioning, endurance, and overall safety training before beginning Work Hardening, Work Conditioning or a Functional Capacity Assessment. Click to download our CAST Protocol.

Job Placement Assessments: A non-discriminatory assessment used to screen workers before they begin a job to determine their capacities to perform specific job tasks. This can help to prevent on the job injuries by identifying any physical barriers that the potential employee may have in relationship to the job.

Ergonomic Assessments: Creating a “best fit” between worker, task and environment. A Certified Ergonomic  Assessment Specialist identifies positive aspects as well as risk factors at a specific workstation. Recommendations are provided for modifications to reduce risk of cumulative trauma or injury. Industrial and office assessments are available.

Worker Recovery Program: Outpatient occupational therapy whose purpose is to identify return to work goals and create job simulation activities as closely as possible to the workers job demands. Education is provided to emphasize injury prevention and self-management of symptoms. Return to work is expected during, or upon completion of their rehab program.   Job Site Evaluation (JSE): A systematic procedure for observing and describing the duties and the condition of a particular job. This may include any of the following: task analysis, risk management, assessment of postures and/or positions, identification of environmental hazards, accommodation recommendations, and employee education. A licensed staff member will visit the job site, identify the physical demands, and obtain data that can be utilized to make recommendations. This information can also be utilized to develop employee education classes or specific Job Placement Assessments.

Other Physician Services

Medical-Kevin Krafft MD

  • Independent Medical Evaluation
  • Electro diagnostic Studies (EMG/NCS)

Neuropsychology-Robert Calhoun PhD

  • Pre-Surgical consultations
  • Hypnosis
  • Neuropsychology and Psychology
  • Evaluations & treatment with medical patients
  • Chronic pain Consultation & treatment
  • Imagery & Relaxation Techniques


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