As part of WORKSTAR, clients undergo various job simulations to ensure the physical therapy they’ve undergone allows them to return to work safely and with less change of reinjury. Job simulation therapy is appropriate for patients recovering from a work related injury such as back injury, repetitive motion disorders, and upper and lower extremity problems. The program is designed to promote safe return to work through incremental increases in duration and intensity of physical activity, work simulation and educational sessions.

The following are some example simulations in the WORKSTAR program.

Cattle truck driver

This involved use of trailer parked in our back lot. This allowed client to practice climbing and placing ramps. This also allowed the therapist to problem solve body mechanics with the actual trailer.


Client simulates this job simulation by performing various tasks, including moving material of various shapes, sizes and weights.

Fire fighter

This simulation includes moving ‘Rescue Randy’ (180 Lbs) in and out of various positions.

Truck trailer builder

This simulation involved building tolerance to standing and working with hands above shoulder level for extended periods of time.


Job simulation included elements of a required physical fitness test.


Job simulation involved building, stacking, and carrying concrete block. Client also developed tolerance for loading and moving brick in a wheel barrow.


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