During the hot, summer months, arthritis can flare up. The heat and humidity cause joints to swell, increasing inflammation and stiffness within the affected area. In order to help you mitigate the pain and reduce inflammation and stiffness, Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services offers arthritis management techniques. Our highly trained and skilled physical therapists can help you manage your arthritis without invasive surgery or medication.

During your first appointment, one of our STARS therapists will perform and evaluation in order to decide the best plan of care for you. They will take into consideration your lifestyle, day to day tasks, and tools or devices you may use, such as a cane. Once they have decided upon a plan of care, you will begin exercises that will help to improve your flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. These exercises will help to reduce pain, allowing you to live without surgery or medication.

Beyond the exercises, the physical therapist can help you gain better posture and flexibility in your back if it is affecting your arthritis, they may also recommend ergonomic chairs and shoe inserts to help with it as well. As you work together to improve your posture and flexibility, the physical therapist can teach you how to properly use and maneuver with a cane or walker if one is needed.

Beyond the exercises and posture work, STARS physical therapists may incorporate other treatment tools such as heat and cooling pads into the therapy in order to help any swelling or pain to decrease. Along with heating and cooling pads, the physical therapist may utilize splints and braces to help support the arthritic area. The extra support for the affected joints helps to reduce pain and inflammation.

Summer heat can cause arthritis to flare up; however STARS physical therapy is here to help. If you are experiencing arthritis, make an appointment with a STARS physical therapist today and discover how we can help reduce your arthritic pain and inflammation.

To schedule an appointment or if you have further questions, please contact us at (208) 367 – 7827.