Neibaur, Taigan

Taigan enjoys treating patients of varying backgrounds and ages. He received a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Idaho State University. He competed for the Idaho State Track Team where he was a sprinter and relay runner. Prior to starting physical therapy school he worked as a certified personal trainer. He helped put on and coach multi-sport speed and jump camps. He received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Montana in 2018. His desire to become a physical therapist began in college after receiving treatment for a running injury. He was fascinated by the idea of treating injuries without surgery or medication.

Taigan loves spending time with his beautiful wife and two young daughters. He values a positive family, work, and life balance. His interests include pick up basketball, volleyball, football, mountain biking, hiking, resistance training, skiing/snowboarding, kayaking/paddle boarding, and going on adventures with his family.

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