Physical Therapy helps Your Body Heal

An injury requires immediate attention and our physical therapy therapies provide extensive expertise combined with advanced technology. Depending upon the injury, heat and cold therapies may be employed and used in combination with other methods, all of which are designed to ease pain, maintain mobility and rehabilitate. 

Therapies can include:

  • Electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy, manual manipulation and mobilization are all available to our patients to alleviate pain and improve function.
  • Resistance exercises can be used to enhance balance, coordination and endurance, along with strength and stability.
  • Therapeutic massage is a versatile therapy that aids in pain management, relieves inflammation and works with the body’s own healing abilities. It accelerates healing and is beneficial in addressing psychological issues common in those who sustain injuries and must undergo extended recoveries.
  • Massage therapy maintains the health of surrounding soft tissue.
  • Gait assessments identify areas of weakness and inefficiency.
  • Aquatic therapy reduces the stress and drag of gravity on the body, enabling patients to participate in more strenuous forms of rehabilitation. Movements are easier and water offers gentle resistance for building strength, endurance and stability.

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Our physical therapists help athletes at all levels of ability in any sport reduce the risk of injury, treat injuries that do occur, and provide multiple types or rehabilitation techniques that are tailored to the patient.

The evidenced-based therapies are appropriate for the specialized level of care needed to treat sports-related injuries.

For more information about how STARS Physical Therapy can help you, please contact us today or reach out to one of our Treasure Valley Clinics for an appointment. STARS Physical Therapy clinics are located throughout the Boise, Meridian, Caldwell, Star and Nampa areas and are even found in Eastern Oregon. We work hard so you heal faster. Please reach out to us today.