Symptoms of a jammed finger

Many people have jammed a finger at some point in their lives. While these injuries often occur when playing sports such as basketball, they can also be the result of falling onto an outstretched hand or catching your finger between two objects.

While a jammed finger may appear to be a minor injury, they can require immediate medical assistance to aid in the healing process and prevent future injury.

Symptoms of a jammed finger include:

  • pain
  • inability to straighten or bend your finger
  • crooked or swollen finger
  • numbness, tingling or pale color in the finger

Once a finger has been injured and home remedies are not succeeding, visiting a physician for an occupational therapy referral is highly recommended. Visiting a STARS occupational therapist can help to ensure a safe and speedy recovery by creating patient specific range-of-motion exercises and custom splints to further the healing process.

Once an appointment has been scheduled, one of our STARS occupational therapists will work one-on-one with the patient to ensure that range of motion is returned to the finger by reducing any swelling, stiffness or soreness that may have occurred. Your therapist may incorporate individualized finger stretches, finger bends, and resistance exercises to help facilitate range of motion.

Our custom splints created by one of our STARS occupational therapists are made out of moldable, low-temperature plastic materials that allow the injured area to heal without being bumped or moved during day-to-day life. Our custom splints allow tendons, ligaments, nerves, muscles and joints to relax and rest while also providing protection as the injured area is restored to full range of motion. STARS’ custom splints also work to reduce unwanted scar tissue buildup which can also cause a reduced range of motion in the finger. Our custom splints are easy to modify throughout your healing process, ensuring a seamless recovery.

STARS has several locations that offer occupational therapy/hand therapy. Many of our occupational therapists are Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) as well. Our Certified Hand Therapists possess an extensive amount of clinical expertise and experience

Jammed fingers can cause a lot of pain and irritation; however, visiting a STARS occupational therapist and/or a certified hand therapist can help you recover quickly and safely.

To make an appointment, contact Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services at (208) 367-7827.

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