Winter Weight Gain

scale ladyQ. As the cold weather sets in, I exercise less and tend to gain weight in the winter. How can I avoid this winter padding?

A. The change of seasons contributes to a change in available physical activity. The key to fitness and weight management is to find movement that you like and will perform consistently.  Your chosen activity may vary seasonally.  Physical therapists can help you brainstorm and locate a type of activity which appeals to you.

Therapists can also help develop a home program that will provide strength, flexibility, cardio and caloric burn.  Such a program can be performed at home with minimal or no equipment other than your body weight and gravity.

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Preparing for Ski Season

Favourite-Skiing-Skier-Stick-Kingdom-WallpaperQ. I am a skier and wanted to know if I need to work out prior to ski season?

Shaun Murphy, MPT

Shaun Murphy, MPT

   Skiing is a very physical sport. You put a lot of torque and demand on your legs when you ski.  It is a very good idea to get your body ready for the demands of skiing. A good 2 month program of Cardio and leg strengthening is optimal to help with the high demands of skiing.

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Making your winter workouts work

Exercise is essential—there are no two ways about it. But for many people, the ability to exercise is severely affected by their environment, especially people who live in areas with cold winters. Fortunately, a drop in temperature does not have to mean a drop in your exercise routine. Your exercises can be modified depending on your fitness level. Here are a few tips that make winter workouts both workable and effective…  Find more